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How to Design Your Own Fire Pit

AZ Flame Masters, LLC offers free design consultation, delivery and installation.  Contact us today to schedule a free design session at your home.  Our fire pits accommodate natural gas, propane or wood.  Explore all the design ideas to create your very own custom fire pit.   Click here to see our photo gallery of fire pits designed by our clients or here to see a tour of the many sizes, designs and styles AZ Flame Masters, LLC can build for you.
Designing Your Custom Fire Pit is Simple!
Step 1 – Bowl Size – Fire Pit bowls come in several sizes.  Choose the size that works best for you. Special bowls support natural gas or propane.  Hand crafted fire rings evenly distribute heat allowing bowl to remain cool to the touch.
Step 2 – Basket Metal – Decorative metal designs are a great way to add beautiful detail to your fire pit.  Choose from Basic, Bark*, Grape Vine*, Wood Grain*, Erratic Hammer* or Hammered Edge*.


Grape Vine*

Wood Grain*

Erratic Hammer*

Hammered Edge*



*Additional cost
Step 3 – Bowl and Metal Color – All baskets are powder coated to help prevent rust.  Fire pit bowls and powder coat paints come in many colors.  Select the color that best matches your landscape design and patio furniture.



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Click here to see our Photo Tour to get ideas for designing your fire pit.